Paid Ads (PPC) for Senior Care

Create Demand & Generate Leads Quickly

Digital paid advertising, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC), is the preferred and under utilized digital marketing strategy for senior care companies to quickly and controllably generate leads, phone calls and tours.

Greatness Digital’s team is well-versed in developing and implementing SEO techniques to increase both website visibility and traffic to your website.

The Benefits of Paid Ads for Senior Care (Greatness style)

  • Increased visibility of your website for the growing amount of people using search engines. (yes, even our aging folks)
  • Provides enormous credibility and trust to your senior serving company.
  • Provides a competitive advantage and opportunity to differentiate you and your community from the competition.
  • Generates leads of targeted, prospective residents looking for your services. (and it’s measurable)

Paid ads is a strong marketing play for senior living companies that are looking for a quicker go-to market campaign with quicker results. 

Is Your Paid Strategy Working At It's Best?

We are huge fans of advertising on platforms such as Google or Facebook, but in our experience most companies that serve seniors aren’t focusing their ads holistically to realize their full potential. 

Elderly couples talking and using laptop in bedroom

3 Pillars of Our Paid Ads Strategy

Are Paid Ads Right For Your Senior Care Company? (honest)

PPC campaigns rank #1 in effectiveness

The reason that so many senior serving companies are choosing digital marketing as their primary channel to market is simply because it’s fast, actionable, and measurable. There is no other form of traditional advertising that has the reach and capabilities. 

Here’s why we are saying this: 

  • The best bang for your buck! Whether you’re in a position to spend $500 or $5000 a month, digital works. 
  • Targeting your ideal audience has never been easier and the 55+ category is red hot for targeting. 
  • Syndication has achieved a whole new level with paid ads. What your care staff does on a daily basis makes for some of the most appealing ads.  
  • Digital ads allow the target to take action immediately, right when the desire is at it’s peak. 

What does this all mean?
Senior care companies that invest in paid ads collect twice as many leads as competitors. Think you can’t compete? Think again, we level the playing field by bringing in years of expertise and experience so budget becomes less of a factor. 

Google Ad Examples

Facebook Ad Examples

Facebook senior care ad

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

The key difference between SEM (search engine marketing or Pay-Per-Click / PPC) and SEO (search engine optimization) is whether or not the entity is paying money to the search engine to show up on your search results page or not.

SEM encompasses the entire paid placement aspect on the search engines. When you search for something on Google, you’ll notice that the top spots are often filled with text or images that have the [Ad] label. These are SEM campaigns being ran by people. 

On the other hand, SEO covers the “organic” or earned placements. Most of the traffic on search engines is non-paid organic traffic. You can learn more about our SEO service here. 

Discover The New Way To Market Your Services


Paid advertising is our go-to tool for quick hitting results for all the things that matter. Sure, earning your media produces higher conversions at lower costs, but that takes time and competition can be fierce. Paid advertising can start working immediately and improve over the first three months as your campaigns learn. 

Depending on your PPC package with Greatness each campaign comes with a full funnel strategy, managed campaigns and monthly reporting and collaborative improvements. 

Greatness Digital offers live dashboards for all our clients so they can track all the important metrics and data to assess your campaigns performance. 

Absolutely not! But we talk about clear ROI in 6-9-12 months, and it starts to compound after that. We suggest people don’t work with an SEO & PPC company if they don’t plan on thinking long-term.

We’re probably not the best choice if you aren’t willing to work with us for a year or longer.

We're proud to say that everything we build for your PPC campaigns is yours to keep, full transparency here.