Maintaining a strong internet presence is absolutely vital to prospecting efforts in the digital age — after all, the older generation has become remarkably tech savvy and is even making the switch to mobile devices and can keep up with the younger crowd.

If you’re not reaching those potential residents where they are, you’re missing out on an opportunity.

It’s for that reason that many of the most successful senior living marketing campaigns utilize dedicated mobile friendly landing pages.

These pages exist solely to attract senior living residents and provide valuable information regarding the services you offer—and by all accounts, they work.

While traditional marketing methods maintain a strong effectiveness when targeting older demographics, digital performs just as well at reaching older audiences, so it’s worth taking a look at.

However, it’s important to keep certain factors in mind to make the browsing experience friendlier for senior markets.

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Tip #1: Be Sure the Content and CTA is Honest and Concise

Less is more when it comes to your landing page, especially with seniors that need less “advertorial” type fluff to convince them to enter their details.

A large amount of text and images can be off-putting to future residents who may be on the fence about your community.

Pay special attention to your communities strongest selling points and point them out in a way that positions you as different. Furthermore, quickly describe what the person will expect when they commit to your call-to-action (CTA). 

Older generations tend to prefer being given information in a concise, straightforward method. 

Be sure that the landing page doesn’t overwhelm them and that it’s simple for seniors to reach their next steps. This is exactly why it’s a good idea to work with a marketing agency that specializes in the senior care industry. 😉

*Comment: If you’re like us, you’ll laugh at the fact senior living landing pages are intuitively simple because as we age we’re just more confident in what we want and cutting though the BS. 

Tip #2: Use Simple Yet Visually Compelling Design

Older generations tend to have different preferences when it comes to design.

This is particularly apparent when it comes to colors. Studies have shown that soft darker colors are both easy to see and elicit positive emotions when used with good contrast that is easy to focus on. 

While you should take a look at the color palette of your current branding efforts, it’s almost always a good idea to focus on the color of your website. The website is the first point of contact for older generations, so the visual impact is incredibly important.

Landing pages are an extension of your website. With the possibility that your audience will experience your brand online on multiple devices, it’s smart to keep the experience a seamless one. 

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Tip #3: Be Sure to Make Your Forms Easy to Complete and Submit

The sole purpose of using a landing page instead of a page on your website is to narrow your prospect’s field of view and take the next step that you want them to take. Forms are the most common tool to achieve this.

Optimizing your forms is simple, it’s crucial to make filling it as easy as possible. While seniors may not see the need to fill out long and detailed forms, your goal is to make them feel comfortable and confident about the idea joining your community and it starts with your landing page. 

You should make sure your application process is as streamlined as possible, using a basic two-three field form process to ask for the most vital information. 

Life moves pretty fast, and the last thing you want to do is make an elder or their family feel like they have to spend extra time completing an application just to get basic information.

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The Bottom Line: Narrow Your Sights with Senior Living Landing Pages

By all accounts, the internet is the go-to source for finding senior living information. Whether you need to do research on a new car or find out about a new medication, most consumers are immediately turning to Google for the latest information.

For that reason, it’s worth investing in a dedicated senior living landing page to better serve the needs of older generations. The best part is that these landing pages are easy to put together and can be quickly customized to better communicate what your community offers.

While it’s important to effectively market your website as well, a dedicated senior living landing page could give your retirement community the ideal boost.

Do You Need Help with Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Greatness Digital is an agency that can boost your senior living marketing ideas with our tailor-made services. Greatness Digital handles all aspects of your marketing campaign, ensuring that you are visible to potential residents across a variety of channels.

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