Social Media Marketing for Senior Care & Living

Seniors and Their Families Are On Social Waiting To Discover You

Sharing articles and posting about every holiday (including national ice cream day) is great but it’s not going to build a fanbase of local community members and organizations that rally behind you to attract prospects. 

Greatness Digital specializes in guiding senior serving companies to grow their social media channels, engage with them, and lastly, use that success to convert prospects into customers. 

We aren’t the type of agency that just does posts on social accounts and calls it a day, we work a proven strategy. 

How Paid advertising boosts your senior serving company

Social media for senior living and senior care can sometimes feel like it’s just for show and that real leads aren’t generated from these activities.

The truth is that with a smart strategy it can be a powerful magnet for prospects, staff and referral sources to pick you over the competition. 

Our Social Strategy:

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The Lowdown on Facebook Advertising for Senior Living & Senior Care: How it Works.

Currently, there is no better platform to get your message in front of seniors and their families than Facebook. By working a proven social media strategy for senior living & senior care, you can use your business profile to not only build a local following that loves you but also to better convert prospects and attract referral sources. 

And trust us, Facebook knows a lot about its users!

With a near-endless array of custom audience parameters — including age, gender, occupation, location, interests, language, and behaviors — at your disposal, your business can create an amazingly detailed profile of your ideal audience. You can even upload existing customer data and let Facebook create a “Lookalike Audience” based on the exact parameters you specify.

Facebook allows a business of any size to reach its desired customer base with a single, well-designed, and well-placed ad AND at a cost point that beats out any other placements on or offline. 

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of, there’s no guesswork – the results of every Facebook advertising campaign are 100% measurable. With just a single conversion pixel on your website, you’ve suddenly gained access to all the data we need to optimize ads and measure results.

Elevate Your Facebook Advertising, and Rise Above Your Competition.

Facebook has made buying ads much easier over the years, but here’s the thing, the Facebook marketing landscape is also incredibly crowded – all of your competitors are there.

Before they come to us, many of our clients were lost in that crowd, running ineffective – sometimes even toxic – campaigns that consumed their advertising dollars while delivering little more than the occasional lead. 

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in the senior care and senior living industry. Our team has worked hard to understand what ads work, why they work and how to position your company for success on social media. 

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