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Adding E-Commerce to an Existing Business

Owner, Will Sheppy, aimed to add an extra stream of revenue to his already successful acupuncture business.  He wanted an automated solution with growth potential.

  • Built conversion optimized product pages using Ecwid.
  • Appealing product photos.
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Search Ads
  • SEO optimized content w/ back-links to product page.

Driving Real-Estate Leads w/ Value First Marketing

Owner, Annette Sievert, is one of her county’s most successful real-estate agents.  She’s growing a team and wanted to bring in the best & most qualified buyer/seller leads that she can get.

  • Built an intentionally minimal landing page with a strong CTA with Unbounce.
  • Researched copywritting to drive action.
  • Integrated home finding dynamic tool.
  • Google Search Ads producing qualified leads for under $2.
  • Integrated CRM support and email nurturing campaigns.
Landing page for digital marketing campagin
McHenry Remodeling client logo

Beating Out Competition for High Value Leads

Owner, Mike McHenry, came to Greatness Digital with the desire to be #1 in his area.  His craftsmanship is unparalleled and so should he marketing.

  • Built 5 dynamic landing pages for each of his core services with strong CTAs using Unbounce.
  • Integrated Design & Pricing Quiz that gives his customers real value without selling them.
  • Local Google Search Ads
  • Retargeting Google Display Ads
  • Facebook Brand Awareness Ads
  • Integrated CRM support and email nurturing campaigns.

Attracting New Patients to Holistic Medicine

Owner, Dr. Frank Sievert, approached Greatness Digital with the goal of attracting new patients to subscribe to a monthly plan for health without utilizing “sales” marketing tactics.

  • Built a dynamic landing page that resonated with his ideal customers using Unbounce.
  • Integrated a HIPAA compliant health assessment tool with a ‘value first’ approach.
  • Local / Regional Google Search Ads.
  • Local Facebook Lead Gen. Ads.
  • Google Display Advertising.
  • Integrated email campaigns and custom pop-ups that allowed the assessment to be emailed for a later fill out.
Thrive Clinic landing page with quiz for marketing funnel

Optimize & Market a New E-Commerce Store

Owner, Brehan Crawford, wanted to scale the sales of his e-commerce store but didn’t know where to start. He knew he wanted to enjoy the benefits of a digital business and challenge us to make it happen.

  • Built conversion optimized product pages using Ecwid.
  • Implemented social review management and social proofing to increase sales.
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Search Ads
  • SEO optimized content w/ back-links to product pages.
screenshot of ecommerce store we set up
Oregon Valley Farm Logo

Scale E-Commerce Digital Advertising To New Limits

Owners, Jessica & Josh Parker, were looking to find the right advertisers who not only knew the digital marketplace well but had the experience needed to scale their already growing e-commerce business to a completely new level. 

  • Working with Clark Five Design for web design on a versatile platform.
  • Designed and executed Facebook & Instagram Ads meant to scale quickly.
  • Introduced Google Shopping Ads
  • Continued SEO work to drive more organic traffic.
  • Enhanced MailChimp email design and segmentation to reach more buyers at the right time for them.
Facebook ad from Oregon Valley Farm

Created A B2B Business Funnel w/ Google

Owner, Hugh, decided that he would embrace the digital era and employed us generate leads for his plastic manufacturing business.  The approach to a B2B relationship is much different then other digital advertising and needed extra touches to differentiate himself. 

  • Built multiple dynamic landing pages that resonate with his ideal clients using Unbounce.
  • Designed and executed segmented Google Search Ads. 
  • Leveraged Google Display targeted to websites his customer’s frequently visited.
  • Continued SEO work to drive more organic traffic.
Landing Page Albany Industrial Poly
Safe Lock Logo of client

Filling A Storage Unit 100% in 2 Months Time

Safe Lock Self Storage approached us with the challenge of filling their storage units in a hurry. (2 months)  Greatness Digital took an aggressive approach and met the challenge.

  • Worked with owners to create an irresistible offer that still provided sound financial gain.
  • Ran targeted Facebook & Instagram Advertising.
  • Local Google Search Ads
  • Re-targeted Facebook Advertisements
  • Local SEO w/ GMB Optimization
  • Integrated Text Message Marketing

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