Public Relations for Senior Care

Media Attention Can Be Your Best Friend or Not...

Strategic public relations for senior care companies can greatly impact business growth. Prospective patients, employees and partners choose you because they trust and see you as credible, and a well-crafted and consistent PR campaign can build that much-desired credibility.

Unique Expertise in Senior Care PR

We’re your dream team with communications experts who understand the ins and outs of the the senior care industry. 

We don’t just know the industry; we’ve lived it (see our founder’s story). And now we’re taking our finely tuned craft and our passion for communications and securing our clients’ spots in the media. 

How To Execute a Successful Public Relations Campaign?

What’s Critical to a Successful PR Campaign?

It’s often believed that media coverage is a coveted result of any successful public relations campaign, it’s not where PR begins. Effective PR starts with strategy and the right message to the right people.

Important questions you need to start out with: What do you want to accomplish? Who are your prospective targets? What are your business goals? What publications and media outlets are most effective? 

Greatness Digital will be your advocate and package your knowledge, expertise and accomplishments – in a way that intrigues the press. We create a comprehensive strategy for achieving your objectives and put it into action. This content creation is an integral piece to any public relations campaign, and we work tenaciously to get you noticed.

Why Does a Senior Care Company Need PR?

Growing your senior serving company through the power of effective PR

Based on nearly a decade of experience working in the senior care industry in nearly every geographic area, award-winning Greatness Digital knows how to obtain PR results that make a difference. Here are some of the reasons to consider a PR campaign for your law firm:

  • Increase your visibility so that prospective clients and referral sources become familiar with your experience and expertise.
  • Reinforce your credibility so that you are seen as the experts in your specialty.
  • Create top-of-mind awareness among prospective clients and referral sources so that they think of you first.
  • Generate new leads from qualified prospects and referral sources.

Discover The New Way To Market Your Services


A public relations campaign can help your senior care company by increasing your visibility and reinforcing your credibility so that when there is a need for care, you and your company are first to come to mind.

The overall goal of a public relations campaign is to generate more qualified leads – opportunities to be in front of someone, understand their needs and demonstrate how your care services will meet those needs. However, it can be hard to attribute PR to actual results. That's why we measure KPIs that allow us to best measure the success of our campaigns and draw data driven conclusions for our clients.