Helping Rural Oregon Small Businesses Pivot Towards Online during the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on most businesses in general, but no one felt the financial dread more than small business. 

Prior to the pandemic, we worked with a lot of small businesses to help them quickly get a web presence and start utilizing two of the greatest tools to get new customers online. 

Google My Business and Social Media Marketing.

It was often a struggle for owners to see the value in it because business was so good, so why do more?

That sentiment rapidly shifted when Covid turned the streets into empty runways and parking lots into great plains. 

The question on everybody’s mind was “how are we going to acquire customers now?”


That word became synonymous with turning towards digital and changing your services to meet a world of consumers that will never be the same.

So many businesses rushed to add e-commerce to their website. 

They added online ordering for delivery or curb-side pickup.

Social media usage doubled and local search on Google opened the flood gates.

Your customers are online.

How Greatness Digital was Positioned to Help

Our team took the pandemic’s challenges head on and began doing outreach to educate the public on the easiest and most effective means to acquire customers online, even if they could not afford to pay us for our services.

We helped build and optimize Google My Business profiles and taught business owners how to update it for leveraged results.  

They loved us.  Not only was this free for them, but even those who had a profile already were learning how they could squeeze every drop of money from it.

It did not stop there. Showing entrepreneurs how to run simple and effective social media ads right in their local community became a game changer. 

event flyer for virtual event in December 2020

Partners to Thank

There is no way we could had and continue to make such an impact in places like Harney County, OR without the big help of two organizations.

Thank you to The Foundry Collective and Reinventing Rural for the tremendous amount of work you do to push small businesses to succeed but also for matching Greatness Digital with the best small businesses on the planet.

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