There is new found independence and luxury in planning retirement ahead and we can’t yell it loud enough that getting people on your email list and nurturing them is one of thee most effective ways to market your senior living.

As the number of Americans above 65 years old continues to rise, one of the best ways to advertise assisted living programs is to target their family members and friends through email marketing campaigns.

It might not be your first though when marketing your community, but by combining an effective social media strategy that targets your local community, you can bring in a lot of awareness in the local area and for relatively cheap.

How do senior living facilities improve their email marketing campaigns? Here are some ideas.

1. Identify Contacts

One of the first things marketers should identify is the contacts they can include in your campaigns. If some people have a closer bond to your business such as a family member of a resident, then segment them. 

For instance, a son or daughter will be more likely to open the email if it is from your community, so the emails you choose to send to them will be different than the general public. 

Although you will not be able to determine the exact number of family members from your list, you may be able to estimate it based on when the contact joined the list. 

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2. Personalize the Content

Have you ever wondered why website’s ask for your name and email to join their newsletter?

Your name isn’t really crucial to anything, yet it’s required. This is because company’s know that by personalizing your email, they can increase open rate’s by up to 47%. 

You can also customize the body of the email. Create a greeting just for the contact, such as “Dear name” instead of “Dear visitor.” In addition, you can write emails with your own name and watch as personal relationships start to develop. 

3. Speak Their Language

If you subscribe to the same notion we do, it’s a wise idea to utilize tactics that attract and collect the email addresses of four core groups: 

  • All the family members of residents receiving care at your community
  • Key referral partners
  • Close community connections
  • As many emails from people local to your locale

The idea behind this is that you’ll be able to send not only personalized but relevant emails. 

If this sounds like a lot more work than your team can do, it’s actually quite simple. You really only need to craft one email per month and modify it for each group just slightly to appeal to their interests. 

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4. Build Brand Trust

Senior living facilities should build trust with the readers. By including photos of happy residents and caregivers, you can subtly build a branded message to your audience. 

For instance, you can mention that you have non-medical staff who can administer medication and assist with daily activities, allowing elders to be more independent.

It may seem obvious what your business does but nothing passes a stronger message than an emotionally charged photo. 

5. Provide Contact Information

It is a good idea to include your contact information in every email. We’ve seen positive results with our senior living clients by making sure that every email has the look and feel of being sent from a real person. 

If you have a website, include the URL address where the recipient can find the details. A family member may want to contact the community to ask more questions or to get more information.

By including the contact information in the email, you make it just plain easier for someone to feel comfortable enough to reach out. 

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When it comes to senior living email marketing campaigns, there are many things to consider. Bearing in mind that email list segmentation is important, you can personalize the content and the language so that it appeals to them.

You should also build trust by providing easy to read and find contact information so that family members can quickly get in touch with you for more information.

In addition, you may want to include links to your social profiles and other pages so that family members can find out more information about you and your community. 

Greatness Digital specializes in senior living marketing, helping senior serving companies establish their email marketing and push smart initiatives that broaden their brands awareness.

Learn more about digital marketing by booking an appointment with us through our website today.

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