If you are looking at having a website designed or redesigned for a skilled nursing facility, there are several key components that we’ve found to be more important than any traditional website might need. 

Here’s the thing, in the past, a nursing home would receive a referral from the hospital or another trusted source and that would be the extent of it. Most people simply just called or walked in to your building for all their needs. 

In this era, don’t you want your website to do more heavy lifting so your staff don’t have to?

Also, advertisements for SNFs only existed in three media forms—print, television, and radio. But now, as healthcare advances and develops, so does the way people promote their businesses.

Nursing home websites, unlike the usual website setup,  may need more than a call-to-action button to get the job done and fully leverage the digital asset. But which factors should website designers consider in creating nursing home websites? Here are some ideas.

1. Functional Vs. Persuasive

The first thing we do when crafting a SNF website is make sure that the website is unique and has a clear and straightforward approach to who you are and what you offer. 

You might not like this, but nursing home website’s don’t heavily lean towards the persuasion side of usability but more towards the functional side.

Why? Because one of the most valuable aspects of a nursing home website is that it saves your workers valuable time by NOT needing to answer the phone for questions or tasks that can now be done online. 

We live in the Information Age! 

  • Keep the design simple and easy to navigate on an off white background. 
  • Make your navigation simple, condensed and include driving directions and phone numbers. (or links to pages for multiple locations) See #3.
  • Have FAQ’s built into relevant pages and have a dedicated page for them.
  • Add “Request Information” buttons to handle inquires that are only looking for easily delivered things.
  • Use branded photos that are really emotional. 
Different ways of illumination

2. Recruiting Healthcare Talent

Skilled labor shortages plague the senior care and healthcare industry, so why not use your website to recruit the highest quality CNAs, RNs, Administrators and support staff around? 

We don’t want to over complicate the subject here so we won’t. The best advice we can give you and how we design website’s in this industry is to have the link to your careers page obvious and woven throughout other pages, such as the about us page. 

Also, always a great idea to have your staff in photos to show off how great the work they do is. 

Healthcare workers sitting together in a modern hospital

3. Simple & Easy Navigation

We mentioned that having a clean and minimal navigation is helpful in our first bullet point but let’s dig into what works well here. 

Their are universal norms when it comes to website navigation, which include a top bar populated with a logo and nav items. 

You might be thinking, how can we be different? But you probably shouldn’t. 

Navigation bars positioned at the top of the page are done in this very “standard” way because it’s accessible to anyone and promotes internet equality regardless of what disability you have or what language you speak or even if you’re blind! (yeah, browsers for the blind rely on “standards” to help people navigate.)

Check out a few navigation bars we like. (and designed) 

ACLS nav bar
Avamere nav bar

As you can see, keeping your menu items in the navigation can be as simple as services & phone number and still work very nicely. 

4. Corporate Opportunities

This one is often overlooked by companies seeking a strong web design in the senior serving space. However, having a really strong “About Us” with your company’s mission, vision and values reflected on it can attract the biggest corporate partners that could change the entire game for you. 

Having a website that includes a section that highlights the company’s position and reputation in the industry and its achievements and positive reviews may not be of value to prospective residents, but for executive professionals it’s a slam dunk. 

We recommend you include a section that has a brief introduction of the management team, information about the owner, a list of owned properties, and public services that you’ve been a part of. 

We are big fans of Compass Senior Living’s “Who We Are” page that checks off the right boxes. (https://www.compass-living.com/who-we-are)

5. Built To Rank

The overall purpose of the website should be to impress the users and convince them of the overall value of the skilled nursing home. Otherwise, the website is just another run-of-the-mill brochure style website.

However, that doesn’t mean that your website can be designed without a full consideration of how it will rank in the search engines. Want convinced? 

There are over 201,000 searches per month for “nursing homes near me” in Google.

Google search for nursing home near me

SEO can seem complicated but it’s really about following Google’s guidelines and doing the basics better than anyone else. 

Check out our SEO services to see how we approached the strategy of ranking #1 for these searches. 


Nursing homes are an essential part of modern healthcare. Such facilities provide round-the-clock service and care for the elderly, and they aim to ensure that the elderly will age in safety and comfort. However, there is still a huge knowledge gap in society about the good work you do and what services you actually provide.

To close that gap, many nursing homes now rely on a website to attract more clients to close that gap.

A website’s design should depend on the audience and the overall purpose of the website, it is hard to suggest a standard website layout for SNF’s, hence why website designers should customize all website designs.

Greatness Digital provides website design services for nursing homes and any other senior serving company. Our goal is to create amazing ideas to help senior living be accessible to everyone.

Inquire today about nursing home digital marketing through our website by booking an appointment.

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