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Dig deep and uncover the right digital strategy for your unique business.

Your Potential Is Our Motivation.

At Greatness Digital we believe that every business deserves to own their customer acquisition systems. Over-paying for “shotgun” style leads from online referral agencies is not greatness. We partner with you to develop lean and effective digital campaigns that drive high-quality leads & sales, nurture future prospects and cultivate a strong local reputation.

In 2021, Digital Strategy drives Revenue

If The Pandemic Taught Us One Thing, Your Online Strategy Matters. Are You Visible?

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Showing Up,
Standing Out, Getting Leads

The recipe for a digital engine that attracts prospects and sets appointments, makes sales, requests quotes on a regular basis is not, contrary to big agency claims, a secret formula. (but it is a formula)

SMB Experts. We Create Lean Digital Campaigns

Our prices and process are based on the philosophy that marketing should be simple and effective. Our team integrates with your existing tools and delivers results.

Our 5 Step Greatness Marketing System:

A proven end-to-end lead acquisition and retention marketing engine that reliably drives revenue growth for your business.

Paint The "Holistic" Picture

No more throwing away money trying to learn complex digital platforms.  We’ve built hundreds of paid ad, email, PR campaigns and spent over a million becoming experts in lead generation & sales for Oregon businesses.

Copy-writing & Design

Getting customer’s to engage with your advertising is one of the primary benefits of digital marketing.  We design magnetic ads and websites that attract your prospects to engage with your business.

Post-Click Experience (often forgotten)

It is a tragedy when a person clicks on an ad only to find the following page irrelevant or mundane.  Millions of advertising dollars are wasted from people clicking and bouncing, so we spend time stopping it. 

Call Tracking & Follow-up

Selling clicks from advertising is like selling a leaky faucet.  That’s why we integrate with your business to nurture the 9 out of 10 clicks that won’t sign up on the first visit, but will with follow-up.

Refinement, Optimize, Opportunity

If you want an agency that will run your ads every month on auto-pilot, we’re not for you.  Our mission is to continually raise output while lowing cost-per-action, and we’re not shy about presenting market opportunities.

How We Work

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Oregon business owners unleash their greatness by accomplishing unforeseen revenue heights & growth. 

We are relentless in our efforts to craft a dynamic digital marketing engines that churns out self generated leads predictably.

We LOVE working with the most motivated teams around to fuel their passion for their business and to become a trusted partner.

Also, we promise not to work with anyone that we can’t confidently say we can deliver outcomes to.

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A True Passion for Helping Others

Life is all about helping others get what they want. 

Everything from the bold claims we make, the performance-pricing model, to the outcomes oriented advertising, is a byproduct of this notion. 

We love giving away our secrets, because people don’t pay us for our secrets, they pay for the results. Check out our blog where we freely give advice.

Also, our structure is designed to keep your prices to a minimum and to only take on a maximum amount of clients to assure attention to each.

We aren’t everyone’s marketing heroes, but we’ll be yours.

We're Changing The Game

We’re fully aware that the average business owner or executive gets covered in “advertising” pitches from head to toe almost daily. (we use to be one of those guys.) 


You might have even tried a digital agency before…

That’s why we’ve changed the game by putting the risk and accountability in our hands instead of yours. 

Check out our performance based marketing mission.

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Want to easily see if your digital marketing strategy is competitive?

We want to see your greatness

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